Adelaide University Transition Council

The Adelaide University Transition Council will oversee the implementation of our vision for the new institution and ensure the successful delivery of our ambitions for the South Australian community.  

To date, 13 members have been appointed. The University of South Australia and the University of Adelaide have each nominated six representatives. Two positions have been held vacant for appointment at a future time.

Joint Committee

Chaired by the co-Vice Chancellors, the Joint Committee is comprised of members from the two senior management groups of The University of South Australia and The University of Adelaide – responsible for the coordination of design and operationalisation of the new Adelaide University through seven key Domains.

Mr Paul Beard
Corporate & Finance Domain Lead
Ms Jane Booth
People & Culture Domain Lead
Professor Joanne Cys
Curriculum Domain Lead
Professor Jessica Gallagher
Market & Partner Engagement Domain Lead
Professor Anton Middelberg FTSE
Research & Research Training Domain Lead
Mr Tom Steer
Student Experience & Administration Domain Lead
Professor John Williams AM
Legislation & Academic Governance Domain Lead
Mr Bruce Lines
Executive Director, University Integration

Transitional Academic Board

The Adelaide University Transition Council established the Transitional Academic Board in accordance with clause 14 of Schedule 1 of the Adelaide University Act 2023. The Transition Council also approved the Transitional Academic Board’s Terms of Reference and interim membership.

Membership (as at May 2024)


  • Professor Scott Smith
  • Professor Deirdre Tedmanson

co-Vice Chancellors

  • Professor Peter Høj AC FAA FTSE FNAI (US)
  • Professor David Lloyd C Chem FRSC FTSE

Six Senior Managers

  • Professor Joanne Cys
  • Professor Katrina Falkner
  • Distinguished Professor Marnie Hughes-Warrington AO
  • Mr Richard Irons
  • Professor Anton Middelberg FTSE
  • Professor John Williams AM

Indigenous Staff Members

  • Professor Stephen Larkin
  • Associate Professor Karen Sinclair

Academic Staff Members

  • Dr Mark Dodd
  • Professor Tracy Humphrey
  • Professor Mario Ricci
  • Associate Professor Stephen Ward

Professional Staff Members

  • Ms Jessica Ford
  • Ms Karla Gotting
  • Ms Lisa Laws
  • Ms Siân Woolcock

Postgraduate Student Members

  • Mr Chang Dong (George)
  • Ms Lucy Fawcett

Undergraduate Student Members

  • Mr Oliver Shepard-Bayly
  • Mr Zeyang Wang (Aiden)