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October 2023 – March 2024

About co-creation

Co-creation is at the heart of our transition planning to deliver the new Adelaide University. It is an opportunity to draw on our collective wisdom and connect with our communities to help shape and design core elements of the proposed new university for our state.

Our approach to co-creation is underpinned by the following principles:

  • inviting diversity of thinking and challenge (collaborate)
  • involving users and understanding their needs in design work (user-focus)
  • brainstorming and coming up with creative solutions (ideate)
  • defining and testing ideas (validate)
  • supporting the development of an inclusive culture (communities of practice).

Co-creation will take place through targeted activities that engage our people, including small focus groups, large-scale workshops and ideation and collaboration through an interactive online platform, IdeaPlace.

Through our co-creation activities, we will harvest new ideas – to test and explore what is possible to enable us to deliver on our bold vision for a shared future.

Hear more about co-creating from our Vice Chancellors:

UniSA Video

University of Adelaide Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Høj, and University of South Australia Vice Chancellor, Professor David Lloyd, talk co-creation first steps.

Co-creation activities

  • Active opportunities minus-thick plus-thick

    We are currently developing the next co-creation activity, so stay tuned for more details!

  • Completed opportunities minus-thick plus-thick

    The IdeaPlace platform remains open should you wish to view completed challenges in full. Please note that no new engagement (ideas, comments, votes) can be posted to closed challenges.

    Activity: Shaping our curriculum (21 February – 8 March)

    We invited staff to participate in four challenges focussed on Adelaide University’s approach to common core courses and the future learning environments and digital experience.

    In addition to crowdsourcing current thinking amongst our staff, participants were asked to post their ideas and collaborate with colleagues. The ideas and conversation generated will help to shape the curriculum of the new university, informing how we can best set graduates up for future success and be at the digital forefront of student learning.

    472 participants
    86 ideas


    1268 votes placed

    Activity: Shaping our Strategic Intent (25 October – 27 November)

    In October, we launched our first co-creation activity at scale, which focused on shaping our statement of Strategic Intent. This was a key commitment made in our institutional Heads of Agreement and will represent the first definition of the new Adelaide University.

    We invited our staff and students, along with top industry partners to engage in nine key challenges that will help to deliver a meaningful roadmap forward and enable us to realise our ambitions for a contemporary, for-purpose university.

    Through our interactive online platform (IdeaPlace), we asked our university communities to post ideas and engage in conversations around core elements like culture, ambition and achievement through education, innovation through research, brand and visual identity, graduate qualities, academic structure, and next generation projects.

    2688 participants
    559 ideas


    We have released the Shaping our Strategic Intent Co-creation Closure Report. This captures a broad summary of the activity and will support us in synthesising our first Adelaide University Strategic Plan in early 2024. The IdeaPlace platform remains open if you want to see all of the ideas in full (noting however that these challenges are now closed).

    If you need support with accessibility of the report, please contact

About IdeaPlace

IdeaPlace is our interactive co-creation platform, which encourages online conversations and community building – where ecosystems of innovation can form by crowdsourcing big ideas and watching them take shape.

If you have already created an IdeaPlace profile, you can login here. If you are new to the platform, click here to register. Please use your university (or registered) email to create your profile. You will need to enter a new password (different to your current university password) that meets the following criteria:

  • one capital letter 
  • one number 
  • one symbol  
  • at least eight characters long.  

Once you are on the platform, there are some guidelines around engagement. It is our expectation that all participants contribute in a positive, inclusive and respectful way. More details can be found on the site. When activity challenges are active, the platform will be monitored during regular business hours (9:00am – 5:00pm).  

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